The Story of Nature's Elite

This is an abridged version of my blog post "I'm Opening a Wellness Store!" from November 21st, 2018 – Diana Murray

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A year ago, I was in a dark place. I may have appeared healthy on the outside, but my body was screaming within. My joints were achy to the point that I often was unable to get out of bed. I suffered from frequent headaches. My hair was falling out. And when I’d eat, my face frequently broke out in an awful rash.
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I won’t bore you with the play-by-play of what actually happened—you can read those details in my blog post titled the beast—because this sad story has a happy ending: I nursed myself back to health after fighting an uphill battle, without the need for prescription or OTC medication. I was told to take Ibuprofen every day and that I would need an antibiotic to rid the parasite that was wreaking havoc on my gut. But why would I take these things knowing they would likely cause additional stress on my body? While I’m not against pharmaceutical drugs, I do feel certain they would not have healed me. Instead, I reached out to a doctor specializing in functional medicine hoping to naturally get my body back into shape – from the inside-out. She prescribed a laundry list of things to do including; a strict elimination diet, proper supplements to support my gut and boost my immune system, daily bone broth, local honey, and lots of rest.
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After nursing myself back to health, I decided I wanted more. I wanted more for myself, my family and friends and my community. I spent hundreds of hours researching the benefits of supplements and proper nutrition and coupled this with my calling to share my story…
And so….

Nature’s Elite is born!
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I want to bring premium products to my hometown and educate the people of Middle Tennessee about how to optimize health starting with the gut by using proper probiotics, digestive enzymes, bone broth and much, much more. Nature’s Elite is more than simply a wellness store; it’s a lifestyle, a product of my own personal journey and a solution for you, whether you suffer from chronic pain, your own version of The Beast, anxiety or other illnesses.

So why would you want to buy from Nature’s Elite versus picking up a bottle of vitamins from Walmart? The answer is similar to how I feel about buying a cheap probiotic: It’s important to have supplements without unhealthy, unnecessary fillers and additives. I’m elevating our area by supplying products that keep those things to a minimum in order to maximize the effect—and heal you. I also will be at the store daily to help educate and share my own story for any who may have additional questions. Of course, I need to insert all the disclaimers: I’m not a doctor, blah, blah, blah, but I will be able to tell you what has worked for me and hundreds of others who have joined me on this journey toward better health.