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The Key To Optimal Health Starts In The Gut!

Stop guessing what your symptoms mean and let's restore your gut microbiome.
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Weight Gain? Joint Pain? Headache? Allergies? Brain Fog? Fatigue? Bloating?

Being healthy in today's world is confusing and overwhelming. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Angela Scopel-Levick, D.C. and Diana Murray, FDN-P have teamed up to help more people get to the root cause of their health problems. We utilize advanced diagnostic stool testing to discover which diet and lifestyle changes will optimize your unique gut bacteria. We then teach you how to balance these new habits of well-being in an unhealthy world.





The program includes four thorough consultations


A comprehensive stool test unlike any others on the market

Lifelong Tools

Learn a functional approach to maintaining your new healthy life.



What is the GI Map Test?

The GI-MAP stool test utilizes cutting-edge, Quantitative PCR technology to provide a true DNA/PCR based stool test. This technology has high sensitivity, specificity and a rapid turnaround. The GI pathogens include bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Continuing with this platform, the GI-MAP measures opportunistic organisms, normal flora, fungi, parasites and antibiotic resistance genes. And the Plus refers to immunologic markers for GI health and function including SIgA, Elastase, Calprotectin and Anti-gliadin testing.

The GI-MAP can be used in the detection and identification of gastrointestinal microbial nucleic acid and has been clinically validated for the detection of gastrointestinal pathogens that cause infectious colitis or gastroenteritis. It measures a substantial list of opportunistic pathogens as well as a list of FDA-cleared pathogens, including novel targets such as viruses, Microporida, and pathogenic virulence factors. Includes:

  • Bacterial Pathogens
  • Viral Pathogens
  • Parasitic Pathogens
  • Parasitic Protozoa
  • Parasitic Worms
  • Normal Bacterial Flora
  • Opportunistic Bacteria
  • H. pylori with virulence factors
  • Fungi/Yeast
  • Digestion
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My 6 year old daughter was having stomach problems. We had been to the Dr. several times and was referred to a specialist. I decided to give Nature's Elite a try while waiting on our specialist appt. Turns out we didn't need that specialist appt. Diana and Dr. Scopel was AMAZING about everything. Any and all of my questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. All of the women at Nature's Elite go above and beyond to help. I am so thankful to all of them!!! 
—  Alisha H. 
When I first spoke with Diana at Nature’s Elite, I was at the end of my rope. My body had been through a lot within a year, childbirth, two surgeries, and sickness. I had begun having a very long list of neurological symptoms including muscle pain and twitches, tender points on my skin, tingling and burning in my feet, and feeling off-balance to name a few. After several appointments, bloodwork, an MRI of my brain and spine, and a neurological evaluation,  I appeared to be very healthy. My symptoms could not be explained. I spoke with Diana in tears, worried that my symptoms would be life long, or possibly progressive. I had a little baby to take care of, and I was in so much pain, I could barely work or take care of my kids. Diana told me that she felt very hopeful I could regain my health. She connected me with Dr. Scopel, and with their help, I did regain my health. Diana and Dr. Scopel remained in touch with me throughout the course of several weeks, helping me use nutrition and supplements to support my body as it healed from all of the physical stress it had been through. Even now that I am almost completely symptom free, they have told me to stay in touch with any questions I may have in the future. Diana and Dr. Scopel are wonderful, and I encourage anyone who is in a similar situation to reach out to them.
— Ashley S.